New Handheld Battles 2010-1011

We know lots of handheld gadgets that came out in 1009-2010.

Here are two HOTTEST gadgets coming in 2010-2011.

Our first Phone. The Psp Phone. There are not many specs about this yet but it will run Android 2.0


The Nintendo 3ds. We finally get gaming in 3d and NO glasses. Anyway it will have a dsiware same with the  intendo dsi. This Product will come in Q1, 2011.

  • 230 grams
  • SD card slot (Nintendo will bundle a 2GB with all systems)
  • 2 Cameras to take 3D pictures.
  • Multitasking could come on the 3ds.

*As more info will come in we will update the page.*


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