Listen to some quick beats right here. Shout outs to MannyTwoFresh. If you need any beats go ahead and contact him, he is the best person for the job.

Were expanding the website, but in the meantime go check out MannyTwoFresh.

Peace-Were out

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New Youtube channel

Do you like video games?  Commentary? How to’s..etc?

Check out 

Here you can find gaming commentary and more videos. We are working on many different how to videos that we are sure you wont want to miss. 



Search & Win

This is SwagBucks, This website is 100% free of charge, all you have to do is sign up, play games, answer surveys, refer others, watch videos, search, And much more to earn easy SwagBucks.

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The New Sister Website

Hey guys. Check out our sister website. We will update Both sites Weekly even daily don’t stress out.

Anyway Here is the new “future of technology” Website. Just click here.

We hope you guys will like it.


New Handheld Battles 2010-1011

We know lots of handheld gadgets that came out in 1009-2010.

Here are two HOTTEST gadgets coming in 2010-2011.

Our first Phone. The Psp Phone. There are not many specs about this yet but it will run Android 2.0


The Nintendo 3ds. We finally get gaming in 3d and NO glasses. Anyway it will have a dsiware same with the  intendo dsi. This Product will come in Q1, 2011.

  • 230 grams
  • SD card slot (Nintendo will bundle a 2GB with all systems)
  • 2 Cameras to take 3D pictures.
  • Multitasking could come on the 3ds.

*As more info will come in we will update the page.*

The Future of Laptops

Laptops come in many sizes, Big, medium, small. Here are some High Tech Laptops:

What Do you think About these Laptops. Leave  comments below and well answer them ASAP.

Apple Keeps Moving Forward

Just like iPhone, I Pod, and IPad Apple keeps making new products. Apple is making a Huge leap in technology today. If you follow my site you know this is about “the future of technology”. Anyway Apple is making a electronic car, its called….. I Move. Yep I Move, We don’t know when it will be out but here is how I Move will Look like:




This Is a Electronic car, is Going to be made by Apple but we don’t know when it will be out.

Check This Out!

Ok soo..I have a friend that works with computers and programs.
He is Amazing in this stuff. If you need help with computers leave
a comment on his page. The link is below!

click here:


if you think our clothes cant look like clothes from movies your wrong.

who’s on right now


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